Residential 100-ct. LED G15 Multi-Colored Lights w/ 4 in. Spacing

The Residential 100-Count LED G15 Multi-Colored Lights with 4-inch Spacing has small round lights with a prism-style finish which reflects the lights. With the green 33.3-foot cord and 4-inch spacing these lights can be placed indoors and outdoors and around trees or poles. These LED lights use Full Wave Technology which increases the brightness of the lights by 40% over other LED lights. Rated at over 100000 hours of use these lights will not flicker fade or flake and stay cool to the touch. Water and weather proof the lights are designed to be virtually unbreakable.Additional featuresFlicker-freeWill not fade or flakeUV-protectedEnergy efficientFull Wave Technology makes light 40% brighter

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